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7 Interesting Ideas for Descriptive Essay Topics

A descriptive essay is one where you describe something to the audience. This can be a favorite food or a memory. The goal of the descriptive essay is to conjure all of your literary and creative writing skills and produce a paper that utilizes all of the senses in order to really let the reader feel or see or hear what you do. If you are describing your favorite beach you want the reader to get the perfect visual as though they were standing on that beach. When they read your essay they should hear the sounds of the sea gulls over head and the children playing in the distance. They should smell the odd mixture of sea salt and kelp rotting on the beach. They should see the sun glistening off of the roaring ocean waves and feel the wind rippling against their back. Your job is to make them feel everything that you do.

In order to do this you need to ensure you pick the right topic. If you cannot think of a topic consider these seven interesting ideas for your descriptive essay:

  1. Describe a favorite secret hideout
  2. Describe a compelling moment that changed the way you felt about someone
  3. Describe a childhood vacation
  4. Describe a time you had to learn a tough lesson and felt embarrassed or ashamed of yourself
  5. Describe someone who has had a big influence on your life even if they don’t know it
  6. Describe your favorite time of day
  7. Describe a moment that you fell in love

Once you have the topic it is important for you to take some time to properly plan out the essay and then write the draft. Let’s look into those steps a bit more…

Plan Your Work

This starts with a review of your topic. You will need to allow yourself time to gather information and to gather sources that relate to your subject.

Write your content

Begin with the introduction. Try and hook your reader with a creative introductory paragraph. Then focus on the body of your text. Relate all of the points or arguments in your body to the thesis of your paper. Make sure anything you include in the body supports your main idea. Lastly focus on the conclusion. Use this area to restate the main topic and thesis and remark on the evidence that you presented to the reader during the body of the text. Look over the structure of your paper to ensure that all of your paragraphs flow logically to the next. Make sure you have appropriate topic sentences for your new paragraphs as well. Edit your paper


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