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Ben Franklin

From the period of ancient Greece which comprised of prodigies such as Aristotle and Socrates men, who were not only luminous philosophers but also astronomers, mathematicians, and historians. To the America’s revolutionary period that held numerous brave individuals for instance, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin (A man who immensely assisted to shape America’s independence). An individual who is known to stand out among these names is Benjamin Franklin (The First American), who goes beyond being specifically an America’s conquest Freedom icon. He was one of the greatest figures in the history of America. Through his native intelligence, tenacity, creativity, industriousness, and the individuals with whom he got associated, was capable to come from an insufficient initial stages of youngest son in a household of 19 to a position of social status, self determination, and financial well being. He was an individual who not specifically lived- but identified the dream of America. The heroism of Benjamin Franklin lies in his various scientific inventions, political achievements, and his accomplishment of purely being ‘The First American’.

The contribution of Ben Franklin to the science and inventions in the world tends to prove his heroism ideally. Some major contribution of Ben Franklin comprise of Franklin stove improvements. Moreover, he also invented Pennsylvania fireplace, which dispersed and retained heat evenly in a specific room. He also shaped the initial electricity idea. He assisted in improving fire companies, city’s pavements, sanitations, street lighting, and police. These were few of Franklin’s accomplishments which were known to be strongest. Ben Franklin was also thought to be an American hero because he felt the requirements to go beyond and above his usual duties. Franklin was also know to strive for perfection and possessed a huge desire to assist his fellow individuals. It enhanced the community superiority by gazing at such basic factors like creating large technological breakthrough, street lights, city pavement, and forming musical armonica.

Hence, Benjamin Franklin was not primarily a famous figure in the 18th century but he was also a symbol that represented new Americans. The heroism of Ben Franklin was never thought to be symbolized in any specific battle, but it was hugely observed with his continuous attempts in the world of innovation and science. He utilized and expressed elevated intelligence level for others to prosper and learn from him.

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