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Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is the form of treatment that considers the emotions, spirit, body and mind of an individual in the adventure of wellness and health. According philosophy the primary goal of holistic medicine is to attain the best health by practising proper balance in his/her life. Holistic medicine experts state that human body is made up of several independents parts. If one body parts is not functioning properly, it affects the functioning of other parts leading to imbalances ( emotional, physical and spiritual) in the person’s life hence affecting his/her overall health. A holistic doctor uses different forms of health care to heal a patient, that is, instead conventional medicine he uses alternative therapies. For example if a patient suffering from a migraine headache visits holistic doctor, the doctor examine the possible factors that could have led to the person suffering from headache, i.e. personal problems, sleep and diet problem and stress instead of administering medications only. The doctor can advise the patient on lifestyle modifications to prevent a headache from recurring and drugs to relieve the symptoms.

History of holistic medicine

Holistic treatment was mostly amongst the ancient Greeks where they had enough knowledge about the botanical and herbal medicine. They gained much of information about herbal medicine from the Egyptians. The Greeks and Egyptians mostly used plants and herbs for treatment, i.e. honey, frankincense, myrrh and anise. Around 400bc in ancient Greece, a physician Hippocrates was considered the father of modern medicine. Hippocrates warned the doctors not to interfere with the body of human being healing it and insisted on a holistic approach to medicine. The Hippocratic medicine resembles more to the modern holistic medicine than the traditional medicine. He based his methods mostly on the healing power of nature. He stated that the body can heal itself without administering any medicine by balancing its four senses of humour, that is, phlegm, blood, yellow bile and black bile. By administering any natural substance to the body, it brings imbalance to the touches of humour. Hippocrates treatment was by first attempting the natural means and if the sickness became worse then he administered drugs. Hippocrates is considered the modern father since is practises are more of resemblances to the today’s alternative or holistic medicine since holistic medicine practises are more of ancient Greeks and Hippocrates.

Importance of holistic medicine

Firstly holistic medicine support healing this is by using several alternatives methods to overcome symptoms of a disease. Secondly the awareness of holistic medicine is used to transform the culture of medicine right and to take a participatory role. This is because many patients have been trained by culture only to depend on the doctor to know what best for them.


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