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Tutorial on How to be Good at Writing Essays at College

College will be fun, but you will be very busy. It is important that you keep up to date and manage all of your affairs properly. You will be assigned essays in most of your subjects. It is important that you are able to communicate in the written form. Follow these rules when your teacher assigns an essay.

  • Schedule
  • Make a schedule that includes your writing, research, and outline time. If there are milestones to be met, make sure you meet all of your deadlines. Mark the dates on a calendar in big, bold writing and always finish early, never finish late.

  • Writing Labs
  • Most colleges and universities have writing lab where you can go for help. Some of these labs are open 24 hours a day and manned by English or writing assistants. This is like having a tutor available for you all of the time.

  • Go to Class
  • You may be tempted in sleep in and miss class, but do not do so. Your professor may give you tips on the expectations for the writing assignment. Make sure you go to all of your classes. If you miss class because you are sick, have a class buddy who can update you on the things you missed while absent.

  • Rewrite
  • Even professional writers will rewrite. It is very rare for your first draft to be good enough to submit to your teacher. Rewrite your papers, and you will get better results. Do not be afraid to rewrite several times if necessary.

  • The Library
  • Learn to love the library while you are at college. You can get your online as well as book and periodical sources while you are in the library. If your dorm or your apartment is loud and busy, the library will be a welcome place to work.

  • Visit Your Professor
  • Most professors have office hours. So to see your professor with your rough draft and ask him or her to proof read the paper for you. And when the professor finishes editing, ask him or she if he or she has any suggestions to improve the paper. You should get to know your professor and he or she should know you.

College can be fun, but you will be assigned many papers to write in all of your subjects. Use these handy and free essay-writing tips to make your college essay writing easy.


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