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Where to Buy an Essay: a Guide That Will Save Your Time

You’ve heard that it’s possible to buy an essay for your class – but where? If you just search for “custom essay writing” in a search engine, you’ll be inundated with results, and there’s no way to know where to start or who you should trust. Follow these tips for finding the right paper writing service, saving you time, anguish, and maybe even money!

  • Whenever possible, deal locally. Try to find an essay writer in your city or town. You can look for ads on Craigslist or other forums, where people offer their services, or post your own ad. It’s always nice to know the person that you are entrusting your money (and grade!) too beforehand. This also gives you a chance to be specific about your expectations.
  • Read reviews. It’s easy to find out whether or not a company provides quality papers by looking for customer reviews of that company. Simply type the name of the company you’re interested in working with and “reviews” into a search engine, and you’re sure to find some real testimonials about that company’s service. Be wary of customer reviews that are posted directly on the company’s website; these can be hand-picked because they’re favorable, or even made up entirely.
  • Beware of scams. If a company asks for your personal information right away, that’s a big red flag. If a company offers you a list of essay topics they can provide on-demand, that’s another red flag. If a company doesn’t list or talk about it’s writers, the red flag is waving pretty quickly. And if a company doesn’t have any guarantee or proof that your money is safe until a quality paper is delivered, the red flag should be hitting you in the face. Writing custom papers is a big, money-making industry, and in any big, money-making industry, there are unscrupulous businesses trying to make a quick buck off someone. Don’t be that someone! Know the warning signs, and avoid any company that fits the above profile.
  • Don’t just go for the cheapest offer. In fact, you should avoid the cheapest offer. Cheaper doesn’t mean better; most companies are pretty clear on their fees, and the average rates won’t differ much among reputable companies. It’s really the cheap companies you need to watch out for! These are the guys who are just trying to make money without offering quality products. If you want to buy a paper because you want a good grade, you’re going to have to pay the industry standard rates.

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